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Подземелья - Oathsworn Pit (Храм Верных Клятве)
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Пепел Антелмир

  • (2 предмета) Пробивание +1487
  • (3 предмета) Сила оружия и заклинаний +129
  • (4 предмета) Сила оружия и заклинаний +129
  • (5 предметов) On dealing damage, summon a Cindermoth that chases your target without mercy for 8 сек.. If your target is slain before the moth reaches its goal, it seeks a new target within 8 meters. The first enemy that nears the Cindermoth causes it to stop and burst after 1 сек., dealing 1411 ед. огненного урона and Burning enemies within 8 meters. This can occur once every 8 сек. and scales off your Weapon or Spell Damage.