Gear Status Color GitLab

Just indication of durability, charges and gear "color" (like in AlphaGear)

Last update: 21 Sep 2023 15:03:17 UTC

Alternative Boss Bar GitLab

Alternative boss bar, replace native, add hp bar for each boss target. % indicators(lines), for mechanics.

Last update: 06 Sep 2023 18:51:42 UTC

Perfect Rockgrove GitLab

Last update: 15 Aug 2023 11:29:28 UTC

Diablo Frames GitLab

Last update: 29 Jul 2023 03:39:18 UTC

Alternative Group Frames GitLab

Better group frames, with customizable color gradients, can be very compact. Supports gamepad mode

Last update: 28 Jun 2023 02:00:35 UTC

Alternative Attribute Bars GitLab

Just a little restyle of original hp/mp/sp

Last update: 27 Jun 2023 22:28:48 UTC

ESO Tools Data Dumper GitLab

Last update: 06 Mar 2023 21:27:09 UTC

Simple Long Buffs GitLab

Simple, native-like buff bar for long and permanent effects, at the bottom-right corner

Last update: 15 Jun 2022 23:33:11 UTC