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  • Isobel Veloise conjures a fountain of blood to sustain themselves and allies around it, healing for 176 Health every 1 second for 16 seconds.

    Allies near the fountain can activate the Crimson Funnel synergy, healing for 50% of their Max Health.
  • Isobel Veloise ignites the fires of hate in an enemy's heart, dealing 1500 Magic Damage and taunting the enemy to attack them for 15 seconds.

    An ally targeting the enemy can activate the Savage Implosion synergy, causing the enemy to implode after 2 seconds dealing 1500 Magic Damage to them and other nearby enemies.

    Used when the enemy is not already taunted.
  • Isobel Veloise surrounds themselves with a whirlwind of bones, granting a damage shield for 30% of their Max Health for 6 seconds.

    While the damage shield holds, an ally near them can activate the Bone Aegis synergy, granting them a damage shield for 50% of their Max Health for 6 seconds.